Daleahs Eatery Braamfontein

There is a delightful little Restaurant Eatery – Daleahs – that we go to on a fairly regular basis, it is situated at 6 De Beer Street, Braamfontein, very close to Neighbourgoods Market. They serve the most delightful food and the ambience and staff are all first class.

Well as we all know pictures speak louder than words…







A few of my favourite things #2 – Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Another sad ‘anorak trainspotter‘ entry, this time about one of the newest aircraft to grace our skies, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, this particular aircraft has been beset with a few technical problems relating to lithium batteries, in contrast with the previous entry, this particular aircarft really is aesthetically pleasing.

I think it’s fair to say that most of these are artist impressions!

Here’s a couple that aren’t, the last two being the new freshly painted 787-9 (Just rolled out 24-08-2013)

Images courtesy of Boeing Flikr site

A few of my favourite things #1 – Airbus A380

This blog entry is pretty much about my infatuation with aircraft, yes it’s sad I know, but hey-ho that’s just the way that I roll.

 Airbus A380 – some have said that this is one of the ugliest aircraft flying today, far be it from me to disagree.. But you can’t argue that this is one of the most  technically advanced aircraft flying today, the wings and control surfaces alone are a technical masterpiece, my own experience onboard Lufthansa A380 is that it was extremely smooth in flight, takeoff and landing.

British Airways recently took ownership of their first A380 and during their own testing phase it took part in the RIAT (Royal International Air Tatoo) where the new plane flew with the Red Arrows, some very iconic and stunning images.

And here’s a final shot of AirFrance A380 coming in to land at the City of Angels. 

Photo with kind permission of HGabor.

Richards Bay and Durban

I suppose that this entry is more about Hotels than the actual areas, but anyway here goes

I had reason to travel down to Richards Bay for some business at RBCT – Richards Bay Coal Terminal – I was down there with an Electrical Engineer who designs electrical equipment for our company, and RBCT uses some of that equipment, I won’t go into detail as to what the equipment is as that is not really the point of this particular entry.

We flew down from OR Tambo Airport in Jo’burg on a rather chilly winter morning to Richards Bay, pretty much a short hop, we left at 06h10 and arrived in Richards Bay at 07h20. We did what we had to do at RBCT after the usual hassle of gaining entry, medical certificate requirements and induction, a real pain let me tell you, after all that we had no induction because they were going through a legal compliance exercise and no-one ever checked our medical status, so we merrily wandered around this massive site without any of their own procedures being followed, hopefully no health & safety nutters from RBCT will ever read this entry!

After work we booked into our Hotel – Protea Richards Bay Waterfront – OK I’ve not really stayed in many hotels I admit, but this was the best hotel that I’ve ever stayed in, very modern and swish, not to mention Fast free Wi-Fi!

On day two we spent a little more time at RBCT and then drove to Durban, on the way we stopped off at Ballito which is an upmarket little village about 50km outside of Durban.

We have another appointment at Engen Oil Refinery on Thursday, for the Durban leg we stayed at another Protea Hotel – I think that there may be a pattern here! – Protea Hotel Edward Durban – On this occasion I got an upgrade to a rather magnificent room I must say.

And here’s a video to go with it as well

A very popular theme at the moment is Save the Rhino, here’s a sand sculpture from North Beach in Durban, 

Weather’s not to bad either for Winter!

Just before we left King Shaka Airport in Durban, we had a chance for a light snack – the infamous Dagwood.

Raspberry Pi Media Centre

Well it’s been a long time – 2 Years – since I’ve updated this blog, and it’s about high time that I started to put in a little effort and get something going!

As you will see from the post title this is going to be about the infamous Raspberry Pi, never heard of it? Don’t worry a little background info to follow from the official website: http://www.raspberrypi.org/faqs

What’s a Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. It’s a capable little PC which can be used for many of the things that your desktop PC does, like spreadsheets, word-processing and games. It also plays high-definition video. We want to see it being used by kids all over the world to learn programming.

There’s a huge number of things that you can do with the Raspberry Pi and a very popular – and easy – mod is to turn your Raspberry Pi into a media centre, which I have done and is now used on a daily basis to stream stored content from my PC hard drive through the Raspberry Pi to the TV, and to cap it all I control all of this via an app (XBMC Commander) from my iPad – and no, I am not an Apple fan boy!

Works like a charm, I should also add that the Raspberry Pi also supports AirPlay from iOS devices, but not DRM content unfortunately.

WC 2010 Match 41 Slovakia vs Italia JEP

Well this was the 2nd & last game that me and Davey have been to see, on this occasion as opposed to Soccer City where we opted for Park and walk, more like a 2 day camel ride, no not really it was only 2km and quite good fun, for this match we opted for Park and ride from Gold Reef City, simply for convenience sake, the strange thing for me was the route taken by the Buses and Taxis, they took us through areas that quite frankly I wouldn’t want to show to tourists, but I suppose it is  a dose of reality and let’s face it Ellis Park is not exactly situated in the prettiest part of the City! Ellis Park itself is somewhat of a let down compared to the magnificence that is Soccer City, but we were there to watch Footy, not gawp at the local attractions, the pitch looked really great and the atmosphere with all the Italians was great. Well with no further ado let’s get on with the real reason for the blog, the photos!

At the taxi rank
Early doors at the stadium.
The signing of the balls.
Ooh Beer!
A gaggle of fans
From the stadium
Jo’burg skyline
Forza Italia!
Nice looking pitch
Translation please
A good warming up.
Polite hand shakes all round.
It’s almost over.
Till next time all.

Ke Nako!

WC 2010 Match 20 Argentina vs Korea

Wow, what a day me and Davey had today, what a magnificent stadium, that is Soccer City! Unbelievable, it fair took my breath away when I first saw the pitch, you actually have to see it with your own eyes as opposed to a TV image to get the full scope of the stadium, well I will dispense with any further discourse and rather launch into a far more interesting photo montage, with a little bit of explanatory text, not that its really needed mind you.

En route with signage (a rarity here in SA!)
David & his Vuvuzela, he’s the one with the red shirt!
ESPN Studio opposite Soccer City
In the queue
Riot Police, with a hooligan!
Argentinian film crew
Mr Rooney at Soccer City.
The magnificent stadium!
Jabulani ball, it’s great, really.
The stadium close up.
This is what took my breath away (there may just be a touch of HDR here ;-))
HDR Stadium int
Inside the stadium (a little more HDR, although this is slightly better).
A view through one of the ‘port holes’.
Inside the stadium (no HDR).
When does this whole thing kick off!
All upstanding for the anthems.
Are we in Argentina?
Maradonna, thank God he’s got his hands under control!
Full Stadium, well nearly, 82,000.
 Jubilant Fans.

Till next time all….

Ke Nako!

WC 2010 Weather

Just a quick update on the rather chilly weather that we are having here in Jo’burg, needless to say other parts of the country won’t be as cool as we are, bright and sunny but very cold, makes for better football apparently 😉
CAP201006160701 CAP201006160831

Just busy watching Spain currently being beaten by Switzerland 1-0 with a few minutes left to play, looks like I may need to revise my predictions!

Ke Nako!

World Cup 2010 South Africa

Well as you can imagine, there is great excitement over here in SA for the World Cup! From the opening Concert held on Thursday evening at Orlando Stadium, where the star act was most definitely Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, it was almost comical but you can’t doubt his honesty and passion for anything South African, to the opening ceremony and subsequent game, where Bafana Bafana (The Boys) acquitted themselves quite well, I’m not expecting too much from the host nation but a draw was a fair result, whether they will make it to the next round is questionable but I hope that they do. That was in contrast to the pitiful performance by England against the USA last night. Rustenburg and the road to Sun City has always had a reputation for stray donkeys, that can surely be the only reason for Heskey’s inclusion in the starting 11! Apart from the pass that he laid on for Steven Gerrard I think he was largely ineffective, I think Capello got his tactics wrong, why oh why didn’t he bring on Joe Cole and Peter Crouch at the start of the second half? It could have been a very different game, was Rooney playing? And I think the less said about Green the better, one of my great friends even intimated that there must have been – please look away now if you have a sensitive nature – Match Fixing! On reflection that can be the only logical explanation for him gently placing the ball in the back of the net! Anyway no more moaning, we now have to look forward and hope that the first game nerves are a thing of the past.

On Friday morning on my way to work, I was stuck in traffic (as usual) on the M1 when I heard a Vuvuzela, which I thought was a bit odd at 6.20 am, looking around I saw a guy in his car with the window open, he was blowing the Vuvuzela out of his window and holding it with one hand whilst driving with the other! But the whole day was like that, we knocked off work at 12h00 and what should have been a 20 minute journey home took 1½ hours as unfortunately our route was part of the main arterial to Soccer City, but it was worth it just to see all the supporters dressed in their finery and general mayhem. I couldn’t let this go without a couple of photos.

First up David’s new shirt



At work
CameraZOOM-20100611102303 CameraZOOM-20100611102315

One of the nutters on the M1
CameraZOOM-20100611124909 CameraZOOM-20100611124917 CameraZOOM-20100611124926

My Kaya (house) & Car


And last but not least, some mad Muppet blowing the dreaded Vuvuzela!

I forgot to mention the dreaded Vuvuzela, which is fast becoming the auditory symbol of this World Cup, and yes it is bloody loud and does sound like a swarm of very noisy bees! Needless to say Master D takes great delight in blowing this instrument at odd times and scaring the bejesus out of his Mother! Till next time…….

Ke Nako!